Monday, November 21, 2011

Production Notes

Overall I found the process of making this video project to be a good learning experience. Various obstacles that I encountered pushed me to be very resourceful when putting together my project
My project focused on my partner's summer internship at NYTV8. The initial interview was a bit difficult because my partner was new and somewhat uncomfortable with the English language. I was very disappointed when she came to the interview with scripted answers to my questions because I felt like her answers would be more genuine and heartfelt if she just spoke freely instead of reading from a page. I ended up asking her some questions that she had not seen so that I could get some more natural answers but she got very nervous so these questions were essentially useless. My partner in the project ultimately decided to drop the class which posed problems for me in terms of obtaining images and footage. In a real world scenario I probably would have moved on and found a new interview subject, but because of the nature of the project I found creative ways to solve the issues with my project. Thankfully I had several minutes more audio than I needed in order to complete the project, so I was able to pick out the best sound bites and construct a story from there. I ran into problems with filling the time up with images however, so I ended up using videos and images from the NYTV8 website and photos from my partner's Facebook due to the fact that she didn't respond to my communications. Given the circumstances of the project I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. I learned a lot about editing which was fantastic because its something I have always been very interested in.
I don't think that the project gave me a different sense of the filmmaking process because I was already aware of the way things work, but it did give me some valuable practice and I now feel more confidant in my abilities. I had never used Final Cut before this project which made me feel a little insecure but now I have a much firmer grasp on how to actually do the things that I think up/ imagine through editing.