Monday, October 24, 2011

Blog 2

How I Met Your Mother is an interesting show in many ways. It takes place both in the present and the not so distant future. Creative editing plays a key role in creating this sense of the future looking back at the present. Voice-over narration is a key element in HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother). Each episode begins with a narration setting the scene of that night's episode. The episode Mystery vs. History begins with the camera moving down a New York City sidewalk as the narrator discusses what life "was like" in 2011. A wipe from left to right with wooshing sound effect is used to transition through time back to the year 2005 where the main characters are seated in a bar. Another transition through time occurs moments later when the scene cuts to the actors in the same positions but with very different clothing. Almost like a purposeful jump cut to shock the audience into a new year. From there the continuity editing style is employed as the scene cuts from wide shot to 3 medium shots of each of the 3 sides of the table (the 4th being where the camera is positioned). The Scene then cuts away to an exterior shot of the pub with a time stamp reading October 2011 to indicate yet another change in time. The sound of Neil Pattrick Harris's voice is layered over the music for a few seconds before the image cuts back to an interior shot of the table at the bar. Once again continuity editing practices are employed as the camera cuts back and forth between the three sides of the table while the characters converse. After a few seconds of dialogue the wooshing sound and a wipe from right to left transports the story back through time and to another location entirely. After a few brief moments the woosh and a wipe from left to right bring the viewer back into the safety of the pub.

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